Lake Crest Mail Delivery Issues


All, today I visited the Riverchase post office. Our mail originates from this branch. I met with the delivery supervisor in charge of mail delivery to the Lake Crest community. I informed her of all the problems we were having in regards to mail delivery in our community. She assured me she was aware of our problems, apologized and is working to fix the problems.
The problems stems from the following:
1. Constant turnover. People accept the job and quit two weeks later, causing a lack of familiarity with the routes.
2. Our community delivery is a contract route and there has been communication problems.
3. Most trucks have a GPS system to help the drivers make accurate deliveries, but a lot of the GPS systems don’t work in Lake Crest.
On a positive note, there is a chance of Bill returning to Lake Crest. He worked this route for ten years and did a tremendous job.
I apologize for all the issues, but please know your board is working hard to help with this problem. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
David Walls
HOA President